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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amendments in the rules for Civil Services Examination to be held by UPSC in 2014

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Ad hoc promotion to ASP Cadre: Submission of Special report, disc./vigilance clearance thereof

Special report in prescribed proforma, disc/vigilance report, details of punishment/ currency of punishment awarded, if any, of the following officers of Inspector of Posts cadre in order of seniority who are coming under zone of consideration for promotion to ASP Cadre on ad hoc basis was called for vide CO Letter No.ST/24-15(3)/2014 dated 06-08-2014.

1.   Banambar Sethy, IP(PG), Koraput Dn, Jeypore
2.   Dibakar Singh, OS, Cuttack City Dn, Cuttack
3.   B.Maheswar Rao, IP, Gunupur Sub-Dn
4.   Gouranga Charan Behera, IP, Baripada East
5.   Bhagaban Naik, IP, Berhampur South
6.   Tikan Kumar Debata, IP, Angul West
7.   Sambhu Kumar Singh, on deputation to PTC, Darbhanga
8.   Brajendra Hembram, IP, Badasahi Sub-Dn
9.   Nilamani Jani, IP, Nuapada Sub-Dn
10.                                                                                                  Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, IP(PG), Puri Dn
11.                                                                                                  Khirod Kumar Mishra, IP, Bhadrak East
12.                                                                                                  Smt. Smita Mohapatra, IP, N-2, Bhubaneswar RMS
13.                                                                                                  Ganeswar Sahoo, OS, Puri Dn
14.                                                                                                  Smt. Madhusmita Padhi, IP(Cell), CO, Bhubaneswar

It is learnt that the said reports /documents have so far been received by Staff Section of CO in respect of Inspector of Posts at Sl. No.1, 2, 5, 9 and 12 only

Transfer and Posting in IP Cadre in Bhubaneswar HQ Region

The following transfer and posting order has been issued vide No. ST/20-13/2014 dated 20-08-2014.

1.   Sri Gopabandhu Sahoo, IP(Plg), Circle Office, Bhubaneswar is transferred and posted as IP, N-2 Sub Division, RMS ‘N’ Division, Bhubaneswar.

2.   Smt. Smita Mohapatra, IP, N-2 Sub Division, RMS ‘N’ Division, Bhubaneswar is transferred and posted as IP(Plg), Circle Office, Bhubaneswar. 

Seven Ways To Be A Good Employee And Make Your Boss Happy

Aiming to please your boss isn't about kissing up. When your goal is to make your manager more successful-rather than just yourself-you'll grow as an individual performer, as a professional, and as a part of the team, especially if you're just beginning your career.

It's not complicated; it just requires a decision and commitment on your part to make it happen. Here are some starter tips for making your manager's life-and job-easier on a daily basis.

1. Get to Know Your Manager

You can't make your boss' life easier if you don't understand how he or she fundamentally operates. So, your first step is to figure out what he needs from you-and how you should deliver it.
Does he prefer updates delivered in written form or verbally? Spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides? Does he want information conveyed via email, during a team meeting, or on a voicemail?
Getting to know your manager and his preferences will help you deliver the information he needs, the way he needs it. And who doesn't appreciate that?

2. Know Your Boss' Goals

As an employee, you may be so focused on your own goals that you forget that you're actually there to support your manager achieving her goals. So, make it your job to understand the goals, numbers, projects, and other deliverables your boss is accountable for.
It's as simple as asking your manager as part of your one-on-one meetings, "If I'm aware of your goals and priorities, I can better support you in achieving them. Can you share these with me, so that I can help you succeed?" Once you understand her goals, you'll be able to produce deliverables that support her success.

3. Never Let Your Manager Be Blindsided

One rule I always asked my teams to abide by was to never let me be blindsided. In short: No surprises.
So, if you suspect that one of your customers is getting really ticked off and is about to escalate over you-and over your boss-to the VP of customer service, you need to let your manager know. Otherwise, she'll be completely blindsided by the situation, unprepared to handle it, and likely, not too happy with you.
A blindside creates frustration and chaos that usually ends up in a major time-wasting fire drill. Avoid it, and believe me, your manager will thank you.

4. Don't Expect Your Boss to Spoon-Feed You

It may sound harsh, but no manager wants to babysit an employee. So if you have questions about health insurance, where to find the pencils, or how to file an expense report, find a colleague who can help you get your answers.
Save one-on-one time with your boss for work-related matters that require collaboration; issues that allow you to flex your intellectual muscles and prove your worth as an employee.

5. Meet (or Beat!) Your Deadlines

When you get an assignment from your manager, enthusiastically commit to the deadline (this means "I'm on it!" not, "I'll see what I can do"). Then, aim to deliver it at least a day early.
This gives your boss time to flex and adapt in case something comes up-and it always does-rather than sweating it out for you to deliver something at the very last minute.

6. Offer Solutions, Not Problems

Your job is not to constantly point out problems that arise, but rather, to proactively start thinking about what solutions could help address those challenges.
For example, you should never walk into your boss' office to complain about how the shipping department can never get anything out on time. Instead, you should first go to the shipping department, have a conversation about what can be done to improve the situation, and see what you can do to help.
Then, when you do go to your boss about it, you'll be able to let him or her know the action you've already taken to start solving the problem.

7. Do What You Say; Say What You Do

If you say you'll finish a report by Friday for the team update, but you come in Friday morning unprepared because "other things came up," people will probably complain to your manager.
And if that's not enough, if your manager was counting on that report to take the next steps on a project or to present to the executive team, it will inconvenience (read: annoy) him or her even further.
People who are accountable for their actions and follow up on their commitments are dream employees-and their bosses know they can count on them, no matter what.
Employees who work to make their managers successful are golden. Your manager has a tough job-the stress and pressure of which may not be abundantly evident to you. So, help your manager out and develop your own skills at the same time, by doing everything you can to make your boss' job easier. When you're a manager, you'll appreciate the same.
Source:-The Economic Times

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grant of Special CL to attend Circle Working Committee to be held on 07-09-2014.

ATM facilities soon for postal savings account holders in Odisha Circle

Bhubaneswar: Postal savings account holders in Odisha can now avail of ATM services. India Post is all set to start eight automated teller machines (ATM) in different towns of the state soon.

"The ATM facilities will be initially available in eight head offices including Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Dhenkanal, Aska and Berhampur. Later, it will be extended to sub post offices. The ATMs are expected to be operational in the next three to four months," said director of postal services P K Singh. This is a part of the core banking Core Banking Solution (CBS) project, he said.

"All post offices in the state will be connected under the core banking project by 2015," Singh added. There are a total of 8,200 post offices in Odisha with as many as 1 crore 10 lakh account holders. The department has been issuing ATM cards to postal savings bank account holders through which they can withdraw money.

The postal department has also plans to link the Postal Life Insurance service with the core banking scheme so that people can pay their premiums online and check the status of their policies. The department will also roll out core insurance solutions.

India Post, Odisha circle, has also announced to organize the 9th state level Philatelic Exhibition — ODIPEX-2014 — from August 22 to 24 in the city where about 140 philatelists from across the state will participate.

Very rare stamps of great value of national and international importance and awarded philatelists and that of school students based on various aspects of philatelic rules will be displayed at the exhibition. Six beautiful special covers depicting culture and heritage, wildlife and progress of Odisha will be released on the occasion.

"The main attraction of the event will be 'My Stamp' in which one can have his own photo and logos of institutions or images alongside the selected commemorative postage stamps. Twenty stalls by the stamp dealers will be put up where rare stamps and stationary of India and foreign countries with philatelic value will be available," said chief postmaster general of Odisha circle Tilak De.

Source:-The Times of India

Regional Transport Offices to be scrapped soon: Nitin Gadkari

Union minister of road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari on Monday said the central government was in the process of bringing in a law to scrap regional transport offices ( RTO) and replacing them with an efficient alternative system in the next few months.

Gadkari, who was delivering the J S Karandikar memorial lecture organized by the Pune Union of Working Journalists (PUWJ) here, said, "There are some outdated laws and systems which need to be scrapped. Systems like RTOs will soon be abolished; there is no need for RTOs. We have prepared a law which will be introduced soon to replace RTOs."

Alleging harassment of citizens at the RTOs, Gadkari said, " Tithe Laxmi darshanacha khel chalto (money rules there)." The minister said a system employing new technology would be introduced to nab traffic violators. "Under the system, you will be served a notice at your doorstep if you break a traffic rule. And if you go to court against the notice and lose the case, you will have to pay three times the fine," he said. The government was preparing a plan to improve traffic in urban areas with the help of the traffic models in the UK and other countries, he said.

Gadkari came down heavily on social organizations and NGOs, saying they were a hurdle to development. "There are microscopic minorities that stop ongoing works and get excessive coverage in the media. With such a mentality, how can we get investments and move forward?" he asked. He claimed that power, mining and infrastructure projects were pending because of non-clearance from the forest and environment departments. He said major road projects were also pending because land acquisition had become a tedious procedure.

"I have promised the PM that within two years, I will give the nation 2% GDP from the port and road sector. There are difficulties along the way and expectations are high, but we are confident that we will be able to fulfil all promises. The people have rejected communal politics and divisive agendas and have voted for development," he said.

Source:-The Economic Times

Monday, August 18, 2014

DoT to merge Mum,Kolkata telecom circles with M'rashtra,Bengal

The Department of Telecom is considering merger of Mumbai and Kolkata circles with Maharashtra and West Bengal service areas- a step that will end roaming charges on subscribers travelling from these two cities to other parts in respective states and vice versa.