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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Odisha announces 6 pc hike in DA for its employees

Bhubaneswar, Apr 30 (PTI) Odisha government today announced six per cent hike in Dearness Allowance (DA) and Dearness Relief (DR) for its employees and pensioners which would cost the exchequer an additional Rs 676.90 crore annually.

The increase, which would come into force with retrospective effect from January 1, 2016, has raised the rate from 119 per cent to 125 per cent, Finance Minister Pradip Amat told reporters here.

The DA was increased following approval by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, he said.

While total annual implication on enhancement of DA and DR comes to Rs 676.90 crore, the additional requirement of fund during 2016-17 towards the hike with effect from January 1, this year, including arrear, comes to Rs 789.72 crore, the Finance minister said.

The hike would benefit about four lakh employees and three lakh pensioners of state government, Amat said.

CHQ News:- Kerala Circle Branch Association gets stay order on transfer of PM (IP LIne ) post to General Line.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Retirement on Superannuation

Shri Golak Ch. Mohanty, Dy. Manager, Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar and Shri Haripada Kora, SSPOs, Berhampur Division, Berhampur are retiring on 30th April, 2016(A/N) on superannuation. 

On the occasion of their retirement from Govt. Service, All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents of Posts , Odisha Circle Branch bids them a respectful farewell and wishes them a good-health and peaceful life in their post-retirement days

Transfer and Posting in JTS Gr-A Cadre

The following transfer and posting order in JTS Gr-A cadre has been issued vide C.O. Order No. ST/2-34(3)/2015 dated 29-04-2016.

Sl No
Name of the Officer S/Shri
Present place of Posting
Posted on transfer
Krutartha Behera
SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar
Manager, Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar-751010
N. K. Samal
Manager, Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar-751010
SSRM, RMS “N” Division, Cuttack753001

Adhoc Promotion to JTS Gr-A Cadre in Odisha Circle

The following PS Group-B Officer(s) is/are promoted to JTS Gr-A Cadre on temporary and adhoc basis and allotted Regions/posted against the post as mentioned below vide Circle Office Memo No.ST/2-34(3)/2015 dated 29/04/2016:-

Sl No
Name of Officer
Present place of posting
Allotted to the Region
Posted on adhoc Promotion
Daitari Rana
SPOs, Koraput Division
Berhampur Region
SSPOs, Koraput Division
Basanta Ku. Panda
AD-II, RO, Berhampur
Berhampur Region
SSPOs, Berhampur Division, Berhampur w.e.f. 01-05-2016
Manoj Ku Naik
AD(Est), CO, BBSR under orders of posting as Dy Manager, PPP, BBSR
Bhubaneswar HQ Region
SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division, Bhubaneswar

Posting in PS group-B Cadre

Shri Satybadi Biswal, offtg SSRM, RMS 'N' Division, Cuttack on reversion to substantive cadre is posted as Sr. Postmaster, Cuttsck GPO vide Circle Office Memo No.ST/2-34(3)/2016 dated 29/04/2016

Government gives in to pressure, EPF interest rate increased to 8.8% from 8.7%

Giving in to pressure from trade unions, the finance ministry has agreed to increase interest rate on provident funddeposits to 8.8 per cent from the 8.7 per cent decided by it earlier.

The rollback comes after the Finance Ministry and the Labour Ministry were locked in an intense tussle over the rate of interest on EPFdeposits for 2015-16 with the former pegging the rate at 8.7 per cent, 10 basis points lower than decided by the EPFO.

The Labour Ministry sought a review of the Finance Ministry's decision after trade unions, including the RSS-backed Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh attacked the lowering of the rate.

Finance Ministry had defended its decision to pay 8.7 per cent interest on EPF saying last year's surplus would have to be used to pay this rate.

Opposing the lowering of interest rate, as many as 10 central trade unions decided to hold a day-long protest against the Finance Ministry's decision. A Finance Ministry source said the earlier decision was based on "pure arithmetic calculation" and is aimed at ensuring sustainability of the EPFO and providing "stable returns" to its members in falling interest rate scenario.

Source:-The Economic Times

Cancellation of PRS counter tickets through IRCTC website and through 139 (IVRS and SMS)

To facilitate passengers having confirmed PRS counter tickets to cancel the ticket within the permitted time limit under Refund Rule 2015.  PRS counter tickets can be cancelled through:
(i)  IRCTC website ( or
(ii) 139
The permissible refundable amount shall be collected only at the journey commencing station or nearby satellite PRS locations defined by Zonal Railway within the prescribed time limit.
Facility Available only for Fully confirmed system tickets:
·         In normal circumstances only and not in case of late running of trains/cancellation of trains etc.,
·         Where the mobile number has been given at the time of booking the ticket.
·         Upto 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.
Collection of Refund Amount
·         Refund of fare amount shall be collected only at the journey commencing station or nearby satellite PRS locations defined by Zonal Railway as under:-
          (a) During first two hours of the opening of PRS counters on the next day for the tickets for the trains whose scheduled departure time is (i) between 1801 hours and 0600 hours.
          (b) Upto 4 hours after the scheduled departure of the train during the working hours of PRS counters/current counters/special counters where cancellation is permitted round the clock on the  ticketsfor the trains whose scheduled departure time is (i) between 0601 hours and 1800 hours.
(c) No refund of amount would be given after the above mentioned prescribed time limit.
Apart from cancellation across PRS counter, the passengers having confirmed PRS counter ticket can cancel the same within the prescribed time limit as per Refund Rule 2015 as under:-
(i). Through IRCTC website ( (Steps how to cancel confirmed PRS counter ticket is placed at Annexure-I) or
(ii) Through 139 (Steps how to cancel confirmed PRS counter ticket is placed at Annexure-II)

* A new page will be given on IRCTC website ( without any login ID for purpose of cancellation of PRS counter tickets.
* Passenger will be asked to enter the PNR number & Train number along with captcha.
* The details entered by passenger shall be validated and an OTP will be sent to the passenger to his mobile number given at the time of booking the ticket. The OTP received on the mobile will be entered by the passenger in the web page and it will be validated by the system.
* After receiving the confirmation OTP number from the passenger, full cancellation of PNR will be done and PNR will be marked as Cancelled but not refunded in the system. Seat/berth will be released and would be made available for booking both at PRS & IRCTC Website. Refund amount due will also be displayed to the passenger on the website.
* An SMS will be sent to the passenger with PNR and fare details - ”Your ticket has been cancelled. PNR, xxxxxx, Amt,xxxxx. Refund of fare amount shall be collected only at the journey commencing station or nearby satellite PRS locations as per the notified time”.
* All the Privilege/Duty pass/PTOs/complimentary pass tickets shall be allowed to be cancelled through website or through 139.
* All types of PNRs including i-tickets (after printing) and system tickets booked across counter/post office/YTSK/Go India terminals/Bank terminals etc.’ will be allowed to be  cancelled on website except the following:
(a). Circular Journey tickets and onwards tickets booked against CJT.
(b). Foreign tourists PNRs against which berth allotment has been done
(c). ATAS generated new PNR
(d). Duplicate ticket.
(e). Cluster ticket and pre-bought ticket.

CANCELLATION THROUGH 139:                                 (Annexure-II)
Rail Ticket booked through Railway Reservation counter can be cancelled through Railway Enquiry 139.  Service will be available on 139:

(a).  IVR with Agent Assistance
(b). SMS Service

(a). Cancel through 139 using IVR(Agent Assistance)

(i). Customer will call on 139 and select Option ‘6’ from IVR main menu.

(ii). IVR will ask whether it is Counter Ticket or E- Ticket. Press 1 for Counter Ticket or Press 2 for E-Ticket.

(iii). In case customer selects E-Ticket option, IVR will play a message “Currently ticket booked through Railway Reservation Counter only can be cancelled through 139. Press 8 to go back to main menu

1.      Once customer selects Counter Ticket option, call will be transferred to agent for cancellation.

2.      Agent will ask the following information from customer to process the cancellation.

a.      PNR Number

b.      Train Number

3.      Agent will retrieve ticket information from the server and confirm it with the customer.
4.      After ticket details confirmation, agent will click on “Generate OTP” button to generate the OTP. System will validate the calling number of customer with the number mentioned in ticket details from the system.

5.      If mobile number validation fails, agent will advise the customer to call from the same number mentioned at the time of booking the ticket. If number is successfully validated, OTP will be delivered on passenger’s mobile number which he would convey to agent.

6.      Agent will enter OTP on CRM and will click “Submit” button to process the cancellation. Ticket will be cancelled and refundable amount will be display on agent screen. Agent will communicate the same refundable amount to customer.

7.      Customer has to collect the permissible refundable amount across the PRS counter within the prescribed time limit.

(b) Cancellation through SMS to 139:

(i). User has to send PNR Number & Train Number to 139 in the syntax given below:

CANCEL<PNR Number><Train Number> to 139

Example: CANCEL 2303529769 12420
(ii). User will get below response from 139 after mobile number verification:

“Dear User, We have received cancellation request against PNR number 2303529769, OTP against this request is 123456. To confirm ticket cancellation send SMS OTP 123456 to 139.

(iii). User has to send OTP number received back to 139 for second level of confirmation.

OTP <OTP received on Passenger Mobile Number> to 139

Example: OTP 123456

User will get below response from 139:

“Dear User, Your ticket with PNR number 2303529769 has been cancelled, refundable amount is Rs. ----.”

(iv) Passenger has to collect the permissible refundable amount within prescribed time limit across the PRS counter.


Acceptance of International Debit and Credit Cards for payment for e-ticketing through IRCTC website


Ø      At present, only American Express International Credit Cards are accepted at IRCTC portal through American Express (AMEX) Payment Gateway.  Other International Cards are not accepted for payments as on date.

Ø      IRCTC will now permit other International Credit/Debit Cards issued outside India also for booking of e-tickets through IRCTC website.  These International Credit/Debit Cards will be used for payment through the payment gateway provided by M/s.Atom Technologies.


Ø      4% of transaction value (inclusive taxes as applicable) shall be levied for each transaction through the International Credit/Debit Cards. 
Ø      This payment option is available only when ticket is booked at least 2 days in advance of journey date.
Ø      This payment option is not available for booking of “Tatkal” or “Premium Tatkal” quota tickets.
Ø      This payment option is not available for booking of tickets in “Premium trains”.


Ø      Select the “International Cards powered by Atom” payment option present under ‘Payment Gateway/Credit Card’ category at payment page.
Ø      Input all the mandatory details for payment at the Gateway page, such as Card Number, Name, Expiry, CVV, Bank Name, mobile number, e-mail and address.
Ø      After submission of all the details, ticket will be booked in case of successful payment response received from the Bank/Payment Gateway.


Ø      Acceptance of all International Credit/Debit Cards will fulfil the longstanding demand of foreign tourists as they will be able to book e-tickets directly and will no longer depend on other Agencies for this purpose. 


Special benefit in cases of. death and disability in service- Revision of Disability Pension/Family pension of Pre-2006 disability pensioners/ Family Pensioners-regarding.

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